Elage was raised in a Christian family in Haiti.  His father passed away when he was 14 years old.  As Elage states, “Our life was very difficult because my mother was raising eight children on her own.  We were poor.  She did not have a job or a garden so we lived by Faith”.  In order to survive, Elage’s family relocated from Charrier to Montrouis.  Despite a difficult life, Elage’s mother prayed daily.

As a young boy, God opened the door for Elage to be a sponsored child at Mission Possible School.  Elage states, “I was also able to work there and as a result, my life was changed!”  After working alongside mission teams at Mission Possible, the seed for ministry was planted in Elage’s heart. In 2007, Elage started ministry and was able to go to YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in 2009.  

Elage sums up his thoughts by stating, “In the same way Mission Possible School changed my life, I want to be an instrument in helping to change the lives of others!  God can use me to help improve the lives of other Haitians.”

Elage was contented with doing missions, but was praying that God would bring him a wife to help him.  As Elage states emphatically, “I knew that with God all things are possible.”  In 2010, Betty Metzler came to help with a medical mission team.  Elage states, “After meeting Betty, I fell in love with her!”  Betty and Elage realized that God was bringing their lives together to continue the mission work that Elage had started.  On September 22, 2012, Elage and Betty were married.  Elage chose September 22 as their special wedding day because it is Elage’s birthday and as Elage states, “I know that my wife is a gift from God.  I thank God a lot for her!”

When asked, “Why do we exist as Haitians Helping Haitians?”  As Elage would say, “I love ministry because I know that through ministry we can influence many lives.  Mission Possible changed many lives in Haiti.  Through that ministry, God raised up many pastors, leaders and teachers in the community.  In the same way I received, I want to give back.  As a child I asked God to give me faith, love and strength to do mission work for Him.  My goal is to change many lives through the ministry.  I want to see pastors, musicians, teachers, athletes and leaders develop. We want to help churches and schools and improve the lives of orphans and children.  When God says “’Yes’, it means Yes!”  But you know that I cannot accomplish this on my own.  I need others to help me, and support the ministry through prayers and financial support.  You are also invited to join us on a mission trip to Haiti.  Together we can make a difference.”