Community Education Center

The Lord has blessed Haitians Helping Haitians with land in the village of Tiplas Mori. He has laid many possibilities on our hearts for this property. Here are some of them:

  • Bible School: We envision a 6-month commitment where students will be taught and encouraged in their walk with God. They will have an opportunity to put in practice what they learn by reaching out in their communities. 
  • Worship and Music: Here students will study music, take voice lessons and learn to play instruments. They would then host worship nights for the community. 
  • English Lessons: Being able to speak English can open doors of opportunity for employment. These classes would be open to the community.
  • Jobs: Employment is very hard to come by in Haiti. Tiplas Mori is three hours from Port Au Prince so there are few jobs in the community. This property can be a source of income for many households who are currently without work. 

Currently there are no buildings on this land. Building a Community Education Center that would facilitate these opportunities will cost $70,000. 

Join us in imaging the impact a facility like this would have on the local community! It could change everything for them. A positive environment, education, and jobs will transform families and provide hope through better opportunities in life.

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